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Inside The Office- Job Opportunities
We may be looking for qualified office personnel at some of the locations below. 
Please click on the locations below available openings (if not blue in color then there are no openings today).

    Dallas, TX
                                                           Houston, TX                                                                                                                 


NORDIC LOGISTICS, LLC                                                                                   
8325 Forney Rd.                                                                                                                     10616 Needham St.
Dallas, TX  75227                                                                                                                    Houston, TX 77013
PH (214) 540-5380                                                                                                                  PH (713) 676-2300 
FX (214) 540-5381                                                                                                                  FX (713) 676-2777

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Customer Service- Dallas, TX                                                                                                 Customer Service- Houston, TX
Dispatch- Dallas, TX                                                                                                               Dispatch- Houston, TX
Documentation- Dallas, TX                                                                                                     Documentation- Houston, TX